Old Is Sad - Instigators - We Are The Race Of The Media Fix (Cassette, Album)


  1. Typical problems with cassette recorder range from its producing a low-volume or low quality sound, to its not working at all. Although with any stereo equipment some procedures are best left to professionals, there are certain things you can do in order to troubleshoot, and potentially fix, your cassette player effectively and safely.
  2. Apr 17,  · We get a lot of mail at NPR Music, and amid the postage-paid crates we'll use to ship home the spring interns is a slew of smart questions about how music fits .
  3. Audio cassette players may be on their way to either obsolescence or collectibility, but they haven’t reached that point yet. The cassette player is infamous for eating tapes and making weird sounds when something goes wrong, but yours doesn’t have to join that club.
  4. Instigators were an anarcho-punk band from Dewsbury, England, formed in The original line-up split up in the mids, but the band carried on into the s. all three getting released on a cassette on Halmshaw's Peaceville Records label, We Are The Race Of The Media Fix Live (cassette), () Bluurg; Shrapnel, Instigators Genres: Punk rock, anarcho-punk.
  5. Apr 22,  · To try to fix it, clean up the capstan and rough up the rubber surface of the pinch roller a bit so it can grab the tape. If that doesn't work, the spring that holds the pinch roller in tension is probably weak or broken, and you're best off buying a new tape player or an MP3 player like askmatrix suggested.
  6. We do not duplicate from a master cassette. We create a master which is used to feed program material (sound) to as many as 20 slave duplicators. The duplication master also contains inaudible control tones and other automation data to operate our duplicating system. Our engineers do not sonically alter your audio, unless requested.
  7. Jan 28,  · I've collected some of the oldest cassette tapes from the s and early s. Do they even still play, and how good (or bad) do they sound? Let's find out! Review of the Pioneer CT-WDR.

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