Ive Got A Feeling - Various - Majestical Mystery Tour: A Majestic Tribute To The Beatles (CD)


  1. 12/19/ Mamma Kin, Boston, MA cassette>cd transfer OLD fm 1 A 05/18/ Rock In The Park. Nuremberg, Germany (Sweet Taste Of..) fm A.
  2. rolling thunder review tour 1 dvd / 2 cd bootleg series volume 5 "live the rolling thunder review tour" featuring bob dylan, joan baez, sam sheppard, mick ronson, bobby neuwirth, rob stoner, scarlett rivera, t bone burnett, howie wyeth (also available in 2 dvd set, 4 hr renaldo & clara; and 2 .
  3. The Beatles epic double album, simply titled The Beatles (but also knows as the White Album, mainly because of the bare cover) would prove to the world that the in the studio incarnation of the Beatles were still able to crank out a large amount of songs, and throughout the 30 songs on this album, a wide spectrum of moods are presented in.
  4. The actual 'Magical Mystery Tour' record was a six song, double 7" single. An EP, if you will. Capitol records had the idea of adding five Sgt Pepper era single tracks to the six 'Magical Mystery Tour' songs, and voila another Beatles album is born to sell to the eager masses.
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  6. Magical Mystery Tour is a fun album -- it has all the trippiness of Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band, but is happily devoid of much of the pretentiousness of 'Pepper'. The problem is that MMT really wasn't an album, it was simply a collection of the non-Pepper tunes mostly recorded in
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